Srishti School of Arts and Crafts

Srishti School of Arts and Crafts trains people who want to pursue the art either as a hobby or as a profession and help them achieve their goals.

Courses are available to absolute beginners with inclination to arts/crafts as well as candidates with prior exposure to arts and crafts. Courses are personalized to fit the existing proficiency level, individual needs and aspirations of the candidate and their convenience.

The students are trained by well-experienced practising artists.

Admission to courses is open throughout the year. Courses are divided into terms of 3 months duration. Two classes per week will be conducted.

Course fee: INR 7,500 per term

Term Duration: 3 months (2 classes per week)

Timings: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM (tentative and flexible depending on the participants' preferences)


Pencil Drawing

Crayon Art

Oil Pastel Painting

Watercolour Painting

  1. Strokes
  2. Shadings
  3. Landscapes
  4. Movements
  5. Cartoons
  1. Line Strokes
  2. Landscapes
  3. Birds
  4. Animals
  1. Strokes
  2. Shadings
  3. Still Life
  4. Landscapes
  5. Floral Bouquets
  6. Floral Scenes
  1. Brush Strokes
  2. Shadings
  3. Mixing Colours
  4. Landscapes
  5. Still Life

To inculcate competitive spirit and proficiency among students, we regularly conduct art and craft competitions.   We also prepare and send our students to competitions conducted by various organizations.  Our students have won prizes and medals in various competitions.

Srishti students won the medals in the recent competition conducted at German Hall, Chennai